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Holidays and Festivals

Celebrate with us.

In addition to the High Holy Days, Oheb Shalom celebrates Jewish holidays throughout the year, combining traditional and contemporary approaches. Our congregation gathers in the synagogue and the homes of members to enjoy programs and share meals. Below are some of the holidays and festivals observed.


We begin the holiday season with a special Selichot service under the stars. This is an uplifting evening of prayer, meditation, and music outdoors at a congregant's home.


Our congregational Sukkah, raised each year by the Men's Club, is available for members to enjoy throughout the holiday. A Shabbat dinner is always held in the Sukkah on the Friday evening during Sukkot (weather permitting!). 


Our evening service for Simchat Torah is followed by a congregational celebration. We'll eat, dance, and unroll the Torah! The Simchat Torah morning service honors members of our congregation as the Chatan Torah and Kalat Bereshit. A festive Kiddush follows.


Spin the dreidel and enjoy latkes with us as we celebrate the Festival of Lights! The entire congregation comes together to light the menorah and sing songs on this special night. 


The "New Year of the Trees" has been marked at Oheb Shalom in years past with a musical service, a Seder, and more.


Oheb hosts an annual community Purim carnival, with games, food, and crafts for the entire family. The celebration continues on Purim Eve as we gather for dinner, costumes, dancing, and a mini-Megillah reading. On Purim morning, the full Megillah is read.

In addition, our Purim Bag fundraiser delivers mishloach manot to members along with Purim greetings from Oheb friends.


Pesach is one of Judaism's most sacred holidays. We begin with a study and siyum for the first born on the morning of Passover eve. That night (Night of the First Seder) is an evening service at Oheb.  We continue to hold morning services throughout the eight days of Passover. Yizkor is recited during the morning service on the 8th day of Passover. 

Lag B'omer

This minor holiday is celebrated with a congregation-wide outdoor picnic and bonfire


Tisha b'av


Upcoming Events

Passover 5782:

As we prepare for Pesach (Passover), the Conservative Movement has made available the following guide to help us with kashering our homes for the holiday.

Since ownership of hameitz (bread and other leavened products) is not allowed during Pesah, ideally all hameitz in one's possession would be given away or destroyed before the holiday begins. Since this often represents a financial hardship, the practice arose for people to store away their hameitz before Pesah and arrange to sell it for the duration of the holiday. To appoint Rabbi Treu to sell hameitz on your behalf, please click here to print, fill out, and submit in person (or by mail) with a check to our Oheb office OR  click here to submit online.

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Sat, August 20 2022 23 Av 5782