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This and that for your viewing pleasure

06/02/2021 05:22:00 PM


As we all know, there is a wealth of information on the internet and much is actually available after the original showing…and for free. Visitors, however,  are encouraged to donate to help support programming.

Here are a variety of resources, including some travel sites to help you plan a trip or take one virtually. While the locations are all of interest, the quality of the travel webinar depends on the skill of the guide- especially on the English language skills for an English speaking viewer.

The following resources are listed in no particular order.

Were you aware that there is a Jewish Grandparents Network that seeks to engage, educate and celebrate grandparents so that they can fulfill their essential roles in elevating families as the cornerstone of Jewish life?

On June 9 JUDJ (Jews United for Democracy and Justice) will be airing a conversation between Deborah Lipstadt and Rabbi Ed Feinstein on the topic of social justice.  JUDJ offers frequent talks on topics of current interest.

Be sure to look at the Streicher Center site. Most of the sessions are free and they are archived for viewing later. Coming up soon are of programs on politics, books, currents events and much more. 

 SAPIR is a new online journal of Jewish Conversation. It’s edited by New York Times Op-Ed columnist Bret Stephens. SAPIR’ s first issue on the topic of social justice  is available online  as are recordings of past conversations.

Tradition Kitchen is a community-based cooking experience. About every two weeks individuals and families share their family recipes and traditions in a live, unscripted , interactive experience. Participation is encouraged and sessions are recorded.

 Who doesn’t love The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a classic that generations of parents have read to the children? There is even a Hebrew version. Author Eric Carle passed away recently and , although he was not Jewish, his unique background has brought much commentary from the Jewish press. From AIS.

The Jewish Review of Books interviewed Stanford professor Steven J. Zipperstein  who discussed Philip Roth’s life and work, the recent controversy over his authorized biography, and the biography of Roth he is working on now.

For those of you of a certain age, Grit & Grace: a Jewish spiritual framework for growing older,  a three part series on aging led by Rabbi Dayle Friedman, is available with printable resources. Each session needs to be accessed individually.

YIVO is offering a multi-part series on Ashkenazi Jewry. It is free for a limited time. YIVO courses are packed with information and resources and well-worth the time.

Are you itching to do some summer traveling and can’t?  Try these sites that have a robust travel component. The Baltimore Zionist District travels to Israel and other Jewish centers and also sponsors other programs.

From Orange County, California, the Orange County Community Scholar Program has organized superb  virtual travel . Especially outstanding is a three part series on Jewish London and related topics. The follow up to each video includes a wealth of links.

My Jewish Learning goes all around the world with live tours of Jewish sites around the world. A follow-up email has a link to the recording to watch again or share. Tours can be accented through The Hub, a compilation of webinars.

Please share any great sites that YOU have discovered.

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