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Meet the Staff


Working at Oheb since:  2022
Originally from:   Douglaston (Queens) until 4th grade, then Rockland County
Favorite snack, growing up:   Doritos, hands down (and yes, this was when there was only one flavor)
Favorite snack, now:   Chips and hummus
Interested in sports?  I am a NY Rangers fan.  Went to my first ice hockey game in 1990 and was immediately hooked.
Dog, cat, and/or other pet:  I have a sweet 13-year-old beagle coonhound mix named Olive, who thinks she’s still a puppy.  I might have more photos of her than my kids.
All-time favorite film:  The Big Lebowski, or pretty much anything by the Coen Brothers.
All-time favorite book:  That is impossible for someone who majored in English Literature.  I’ll go with Angela’s Ashes, which was one of the most beautiful stories I ever read.
Favorite aspect of Oheb Shalom:  I love Sunday mornings when Zeman is in session, minyan is happening, possibly another program, there are bagels and coffee and the building is full of kids and energy.


Working at Oheb since:  2017
Originally from:  Williamsville, NY, a suburb of Buffalo
Favorite snack, growing up:  Quaker chewy chocolate chip granola bars
Favorite snack, now: Apples, and cheese and crackers 
Interested in sports?  Meh. But I grew up watching the Buffalo Bills so I always root for them. 
Dog, cat, and/or other pet:  No pets!
All-time favorite film: The Goonies
All-time favorite book: So many favorites! Two are All the Light We Cannot See and The Heart's Invisible Furies
Favorite aspect of Oheb Shalom: I love being around the kids at Mickey Fried Preschool! They always bring a smile to my face.  



Working at Oheb since:  2019
Originally from:  Chicago, IL
Favorite snack, growing up:  Ants on a Log (peanut butter on celery stalks with raisins on top)
Favorite snack, now: Any type of fresh fruit!
Interested in sports?  I love basketball! My favorite team will always be the Chicago Bulls.
Dog, cat, and/or other pet:  DOG!! My Mini Schnauzer, Remy Ezra, is literally my best friend and I am obsessed with him! P.S- NO CATS ALLOWED
All-time favorite film: Dead Poets Society or This Is The End…it depends on what genre I am vibing with on movie night.
All-time favorite bookSomething Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
Favorite aspect of Oheb Shalom: Being around and interacting with all of our amazing kids and teens at Oheb Shalom!



Working at Oheb since:  2022
Originally from: Israel
Favorite snack, growing up: Baked Lays
Favorite snack, now: BBQ chips
Interested in sports?  Not interested in sports, but husband is, so sports are always on! He’s a Giants fan (which even he is ashamed of these days).
Dog, cat, and/or other pet:   Afraid of committing to a pet, but hands down it would be a DOG.
All-time favorite film: My Cousin Vinny
All-time favorite book: The Nightingale
Favorite aspect of Oheb Shalom: The members! Everyone is so passionate about bettering Oheb Shalom. The amount of time and effort lay leadership puts in is truly amazing.

Johanna Kluger, Administrative Assistant

Working at Oheb since:  2013
Originally from: Philadelphia, PA
Favorite snack, growing up: Potato Chips
Favorite snack, now: Potato Chips
Interested in sports?  Not interested in sports, but my family is so they root for the NY Yankees.
Dog, cat, and/or other pet?   I grew up with animals but don’t have any at this point in time.
All-time favorite film:  When Harry Met Sally
All-time favorite book: The Great Gatsby
Favorite aspect of Oheb Shalom: I love the history and community of Oheb. It is deeply rooted from generation to generation. The stories of programs to lifecycles. All aspects are genuine and caring

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