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03/21/2024 06:04:05 PM


Okay, people. Tomorrow night is Purim. Time to lighten things up.

For this week’s installment, I share some things that make me laugh.

After all, it was just this past Rosh Hashanah that I preached that we should all laugh more. Remember when I said laughter is contagious, and therefore communal, and also really beneficial to your health? Well, yeah. Feels like a million years ago. And very relevant, still, always, perhaps especially now.

So let’s watch these, and let’s laugh, and then maybe you’ll send me some funny things back. In other words, happy Purim. Let’s all make merry and lift one another’s spirits this weekend with the mitzvah of the holiday – to laugh even when life doesn’t seem so funny, to make friends through sharing merriment, to make joy just by letting yourself see the light side of life.

Here's Gary Gulman’s classic (2016) standup routine "How the States Got Their Abbreviations":








And here's Modi on "Jewish Health Risks":









Chag Purim Sameach – Happy Purim everyone!

PS.  Title of this post ring a bell? If not, watch this (YouTube link).

Mon, April 15 2024 7 Nisan 5784