What does a conservative Jewish synagogue represent today?  It is a much more difficult question to answer than it has ever been.  Yet, at Oheb Shalom, we have developed a vision of the modern conservative synagogue that embraces the traditions of our faith, but has evolved to be relevant in the face of our hectic lives.  We view our synagogue as the conduit to bridging the individual needs of faith, community, tradition, learning, and service.  We speak of one people influenced by the long history of the Jewish people, the many voices respected for their disparate points of view, and our synagogue’s ability to create a robust, welcoming, and energizing community that facilitates and enriches the conversation.

If you want to know Oheb Shalom, then you need to know those beliefs that shape our lives.

Kehila / Community

Oheb Shalom is dedicated to the creation of an inclusive, diverse, and multi-generational community that sustains and inspires each one of its members. At Oheb Shalom, friendships are born that endure for a lifetime. Our community enables us to draw closer to our Jewish heritage and our shared ideals.

Limud Torah / Learning

At Oheb Shalom, learning is a gateway to deeper faith, spirituality and commitment to a Jewish way of life. We are dedicated to the study of Torah, to Jewish education and to life-long learning for all members of our community.

Tikun Olam / REPAIRING the World

Oheb Shalom has long carried on a deep tradition of social justice and community service, and we take great pride in the strength of our many social action programs. We believe that awareness leads to activism as we go about the sacred task of repairing our world.

Masoret / Tradition

Oheb Shalom is dedicated to preserving and honoring the Jewish tradition as a living, vibrant way of finding deeper meaning in daily life. We honor halakha, Jewish law, as a guide for living as Jews. We recognize that Judaism is organic and that halakha must adapt to new social and religious circumstances.