The Jewish people are one people and Oheb Shalom believes in respect for all. Of course we are warm and welcoming, but those simple words fail to explain the difference at Oheb. You will feel it immediately when you are greeted, in the warm smiles, and the genuine embraces. You will feel it in the friendships, celebrations, and many connections throughout our vibrant community. And, you will feel it in the openness to diversity and the commitment to the dignity of all of our members.

Interfaith Families

The creation of strong, Jewish families is at the core of Oheb Shalom’s beliefs. Our goal is to ensure that interfaith families feel comfortable and partake in the full breadth of synagogue life. We help interfaith members feel connected to the Jewish faith and contribute to fabric of our shul. Interfaith members will find the support and the ability to be active participants in conservative, Jewish life.

Gender, Race, and Sexual Orientation

Oheb Shalom endeavors to create an inclusive environment to ensure that the full spectrum of Jewish diversity is respected.  Our services feature egalitarian language, and in fact, we were one of the first conservative synagogues in the country to incorporate these changes into our liturgy.

LGBTQ members add greatly to our synagogue and have become active participants. Regardless of sexual orientation, we welcome singles and families to engage with us and be a part of our community.


We want everyone attending events and services at our synagogue to feel welcome. We offer amplification systems to enhance hearing, larger print for reading, and full handicapped access. Please contact our office for any specific questions or needs.