Program Philosophy & Goals

At Mickey Fried Preschool, we believe that children learn as they play. Our school offers a warm, creative environment where each child’s unique style of living and learning is valued and nurtured. The foundation of personality, self-image and motivation to learn are all firmly established in the first five years of a child’s life. Our school helps give your child the tools, space and support for the experiences that help them learn and grow.

Our school’s rich and meaningful program of Jewish content is offered at the children’s level, encouraging a positive identification with the Jewish religion, culture and people. We teach the Jewish holidays, while pulling out and focusing on global themes that anyone can relate to. Our children also participate in tzedakah projects throughout the year. Tzedakah, a Hebrew word translated as ‘charity,’ helps our children understand the importance of performing philanthropic acts to not only assist others, but to also increase their sensitivity to the needs of others and help them to realize that they can make a difference. Our projects include bringing food items to the Oheb Shalom food pantry, collecting coins to donate to charity, purchasing trees in Israel for Tu B’Shvat, and collecting and delivering toys and clothing to local charities.

What makes our school different?

  • Our teachers love what they do and so they continue on each year. The average tenure of our lead teachers is 17 years.
  • No drop off or pick up lines means more communication with your child's teacher and other parents.

Our Staff

Our entire staff brings to the school warmth, creativity, enthusiasm and years of experience in providing a positive environment for young children. Each classroom has a lead teacher and an assistant, with student/teacher ratios of 5:1 in our 2-year-old classes up to 8:1 in our 4-year-old classes. Our teachers love what they do and it shows. The average tenure of our lead teachers is 16 years!

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is an integral part of the education process. A Preschool Board oversees the operation of the Mickey Fried Preschool and provides a forum for parents to give input on policies and planning for the school.

Parents have individual face-to-face meetings with teachers twice each year to discuss their child's needs and development. Ongoing informal communication between parents and staff is encouraged.

The entire preschool family gathers together twice a year to share age appropriate Shabbat services followed by a luncheon and program.

Parents are involved throughout the school year through committees that plan special programs, such as Parent Education workshops, our Annual Book Fair, the Preschool Yearbook, and as "Shabbat Parents" in their children's classrooms.

A family carnival/picnic in early June concludes each school year.

Some Favorite Mickey Fried Moments