Do children need to be potty trained?

No, children do not need to be potty trained to attend Mickey Fried Preschool.  We will assist in the process if your child is nearing readiness.

Do we need to be Jewish for my child to attend Mickey Fried Preschool?

No. Though we are located in a synagogue, we welcome diversity in our school. South Orange/Maplewood is a wonderfully diverse neighborhood, and we strive to ensure our school reflects that. Children of all denominations are welcome to join us.

Will children receive a snack during the day?

The Healthy Snack Program at Mickey Fried Preschool is a cooperative program in which the school asks parents to bring fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese or yogurt for the children to have at snack time.  The school also provides additional snacks such as graham crackers or animal crackers.  We serve bottled water as the beverage Monday through Thursday and grape juice on Fridays along with our Shabbat snack of Challah.

How does the school accommodate children with food allergies?

Mickey Fried Preschool helps accommodate children with food allergies by making sure all staff are cognizant of the child’s allergy.  (We post a picture of the child with their allergy written below in the classroom.)  The parent brings in a supply of snacks if we cannot supply what the child needs.  If a child has a peanut allergy we make sure not to serve anything with that product in the classroom.

How long have your teachers been at the school?

Our teachers love what they do and continue here year after year. The average tenure of our lead teachers is 17 years. 

What other opportunities are there for young families to get involved?

First of all, we have a very active Parents Association that helps run special events for the pre-school, including tzedakah activities, end-of-year party, fund raising, planning the garden, and preparing for holiday celebrations. In addition to the Parent’s Association, Oheb Shalom Congregation holds many programs at the synagogue, including Shabbat Katan (for little ones), YOFI (programming for young families), as well as various other events. Preschool families are invited to attend any Oheb Shalom event, regardless of membership status. See Get Involved in Our Community for more information.

Is there a sibling discount?

No, there isn’t a sibling discount, but there is a discount if you are a Synagogue member.

Can I use early drop-off or extended day as needed?

You can use early drop-off or extended day as needed.  Early drop off begins as early as 8, and your child can remain in the school as late as 3pm. Your child can join an enrichment class at any time during the year provided there is space in that class. 

What is the “Shabbat Child"?

Each Friday a different child is selected to be the “Shabbat Child.” It is special to be the Shabbat Child because his/her parents come in to attend our Kabbalat Shabbat program.  (Listening to the Rabbi tell a story on the Bima, singing songs with the Cantor and having a special snack in the classroom.)

What is “enrichment”?

Our enrichment program extends the learning and the day(s) of our three and four year students. These classes are from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What is My Buddy and Me?

My Buddy and Me is a weekly program for children between the ages of one and two, and their caregivers, to experience a day in the classroom.  Activities include circle time, arts and crafts, playground time, story time and snack.