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Presentation: Spy Wars

05/15/2019 02:12:51 PM


Lifelong Learning

SPY WARS: Revealing new color to Mossad, CIA, Shin Bet & other spy agency stories

How have the elite Mossad, CIA, and Shin Bet spy agencies changed and where are they going next?  This is a chance to hear wild new details and stories, some of which will be revealed for the first time.

Yonah Jeremy Bob lectures on foreign affairs and is the Jerusalem Post Intelligence, Terrorism and Legal Analyst.  Speaking in the US, Canada, and Israel since 2000, he covers diplomacy, security, the Mossad, war crimes and BDS, cyber warfare, and politics.  He was an IDF lawyer and worked for multiple ministries.  Yonah has provided analysis to CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, the Washington Post, and Sky News.


Sat, December 5 2020 19 Kislev 5781