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Short stories for long nights

01/06/2022 12:11:36 PM


Short stories get short shrift. They are one of the beauties of literature. In just a few pages- sometimes even one- a whole world may be revealed or a mere fragment of a world or character.

Short stories are powerful and versatile. They take tremendous skill as every word counts. A reader can’t skim a short story or skip over the boring parts.

What is a short story?  It is a fully developed piece of writing that can generally be read in one sitting. The upper limit is about 20,000 words, which isn’t really that short.

A book of short stories can consist of stories by one author or many and may cover many time periods.

Enjoy stories from this brief selection of stories from the library’s collection. There is something for every reader here.

Books of short stories have the word STORIES on the spine label.


Because God Loves Stories: an anthology of Jewish storytelling

Ghosts and Golems: haunting tales of the supernatural (juvenile)

It’s a While Spiel: love, latkes, and other Jewish stories (young adult)

In the Land of Happy Tears: Yiddish tales for modern times (juvenile)

Jews vs Zombies and Jews vs Alie

One-hundred and one Jewish Read-aloud Stories (juvenile

Writing Our Way Home: contemporary stories by American Jewish writers

Englander         What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank

Kehret              Fly Already

Krasnoff            The History of Soul 2065

Moses              The Man Who Loved his Wife

Nadelson          The Fourth Corner of the World

Orner               Maggie Brown & Others

Oxford              The Oxford Book of Jewish Stories

Tsabari             The Best Place on Earth

Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784