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passover resources

03/18/2021 11:08:21 AM


Aileen Grossberg, Librarian

Oh, today we’ll merry, merry be! Ooops…wrong holiday. But certainly we should be merry, or at least rejoice, as we celebrate freedom. What is more precious?

The following resources will help you to have an enlightening, delicious, and fulfilling holiday.

BOOKS (just a few of our Passover stories, non-fiction and Haggadot):

                A Passover Haggadah: go forth and learn.

Arnow Creating lively Passover seders: a sourcebook of engaging tales, text and activities.

Gerson The telling: how Judaism’s essential book reveals the meaning of life.  Gerson feels that the Haggadah is one of the most important Jewish documents.

Kimmel Scarlett and Sam: escape from Egypt. (J)

 Kusel The Passover guest. A retelling of a classic Passover tale set during the Depression. (J)

Newman Welcoming Elijah: a Passover tale with a tail. An unexpected guest shows up for Passover. (J)

Ochs The Passover Haggadah: a biography

Olitzky Welcome to the seder: a Passover Haggadah for everyone.

Schwartz The four questions. This beautifully illustrated book can be read in more than one way.(J)

Shoyer The Instant Pot kosher cookbook: 100 recipes to nourish body and soul.

Silberberg Meet the Matzah: a Passover story. A funny but informative Passover story for kids. (J)

For more about this book, use this link


For an interpretation of the Four Questions: shows you how to personalize a  Haggadah for your family

Did you ever hear of Mimouna? If you love good food and celebrations and want to keep the spirit of Passover going, this celebration is for you. This article is filled with information about Passover customs.

Thursday, March 18 @ 7pm  

THE ILLUSTRATED HAGGADAH AS A REFLECTION OF JEWISH HISTORY is a webinar which will examine  a variety of haggadot, both illuminated and printed, that reflect the imperative to situate oneself in the Passover narrative.  Liz Diament is a senior educator at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC where she has managed and developed the docent education program for almost eighteen years.

Sunday, March 21 @ 8 p.m. Passover Festival of Music, presented by Judaic Sacred Music Foundation

Tuesday, March 23 @ 4:30 p.m

CHAROSET FROM AROUND THE WORLD AND OTHER PASSOVER SPECIALTIES WITH CHEF VERED GUTTMA Chef Vered Guttman demonstrates how this symbolic Passover food is prepared around the world. She will also make homemade horseradish and other Passover specialties. Presented by Moment Magazine. The recipes will be sent to those registered in advance. The menu includes:  Yemeni charoset with sesame seeds; Italian charoset with chestnuts and poppy seeds; Persian charoset with apples and pomegranate; Iraqi date and walnut charoset “truffles”; Homemade beet and horseradish chrain; Cold borscht with potato and raw egg yolk – the traditional Ashkenazi lunch before the Seder; Mina del Pesach – matza pie with beef from the Balkan. Mar. 23, 1:30 pm, PDT. Free.

Tuesday, March 23 @4:30 Make your own afikomen bag. This craft program uses simple materials.

Use the following link to access a wide variety of online programs, not necessarily for Passover. Courtesy of my friend Lisa Silverman.

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