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The jacobs library is open

08/27/2020 12:32:33 PM


Aileen Grossberg, Librarian

Yes, the Library is open!

There are many new books for all ages as well as recent bestsellers, holiday books, and classics.

We are very conscious of safety. So, please, follow the best practices of hand-washing and mask-wearing.

  • Sign in before coming to the library
  • use sanitizer on the display shelf when entering the library
  • do not reshelve books that you have handled. There is a blue basket on the table for books that need to be put back on the shelves.
  • DO NOT RESHELVE BOOKS. They need to be quarantined for 72 hours.

Save time and use the online catalog from home to search for books. Pull down the ENGAGE menu on Oheb Shalom’s home page for the link to the library catalog.

Send me an email ( if you have questions, want me to put aside books for you or your family or have a suggestion for purchase.

I am looking forward to sharing many wonderful new books with all of you in the coming year.

And finally, a plea… Please return books that are overdue. Don’t ignore the notice that you’ll be getting in the next few weeks. Every book not returned means a new book that can’t be purchased.

Thank you,


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