Fan and Hyman Jacobs Library

The Fan and Hyman Jacobs Library is a treasure trove hidden in plain sight, just a few steps off the main floor of Oheb Shalom. 

With over 5,000 items, there is something for everyone.  Books on philosophy, biography, history, and holidays fill the shelves.  The fiction, selected for all age levels, includes both modern and classic works by Jewish and Israeli authors.  There are special areas for graphic novels and for parenting advice.  A collection of DVDs is growing. 

Borrowing is simple, and there is never a late fee.  The catalog is available online.  Our librarian, Aileen Grossberg, is on site Sunday and Wednesday mornings, but you are welcome any time. 

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THIS WEEK'S Message From Our Librarian

Important Lives

Winter is a good time to catch up on reading. Usually I suggest fiction, but for this winter’s reading, I’d like to call your attention to the biography section of the library.

People are fascinating! We can learn, be entertained, and be inspired by those past and present who have shared their lives with us.

Most books about people are in the section labeled BIO or check the catalog to see if your favorite is included. Browsing is also encouraged.

Here’s a selection of recent biographies with a few older ones thrown in:

BIO       AARONSOHN    The Woman who Fought an Empire: Sarah Aaronsohn and her Nili spy ring (by Wallance)

BIO       BAMBERGER     Louis Bamberger: department store innovator and philanthropist (by Forgosh)

BIO       BARAK              Barak: my country, my life: fighting for Israel, searching for peace

BIO       CALOF              Rachel Calof’s Story: Jewish homesteader on the northern plains

BIO       DEWAAL           The Hare with Amber Eyes

BIO       KORCZAK         The King of Children: a biography of Janusz Korczak (by Lifton)

BIO       MEIR                  Lioness: Golda Meir and the nation of Israel (by Klagsbrun)

BIO       OZ                      A Tale of Love and Darkness

BIO       RABIN                Yitzhak Rabin: soldier, leader, statesman (by Rabinovich)

BIO       RASHI                Rashi: a portrait (by Wiesel)

BIO       ROBBINS           Jerome Robbins: a life in dance (by Lesser)

BIO       SCHNEERSON   Rebbe: the life and teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson: the most influential rabbi in modern history (by Telushkin)

BIO       SCHOLEM         Gershon Scholem: master of the Kabbalah (by Biale)

BIO       WIESEL             Elie Wiesel: an extraordinary life and legacy

JBIO     JONAS              Regina Persisted: an untold story (by Sasso)

JBIO     STEINEM           Gloria Takes a Stand (by Rinker)



Aileen Grossberg, Librarian

Librarian Hours: Wednesdays & Sundays from 9 am to 12 pm. The library is open daily.