Fan and Hyman Jacobs Library

The Fan and Hyman Jacobs Library is a treasure trove hidden in plain sight, just a few steps off the main floor of Oheb Shalom. 

With over 5,000 items, there is something for everyone.  Books on philosophy, biography, history, and holidays fill the shelves.  The fiction, selected for all age levels, includes both modern and classic works by Jewish and Israeli authors.  There are special areas for graphic novels and for parenting advice.  A collection of DVDs is growing. 

Borrowing is simple, and there is never a late fee.  The catalog is available online.  Our librarian, Aileen Grossberg, is on site Sunday and Wednesday mornings, but you are welcome any time. 

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THIS WEEK'S Message From Our Librarian

Books for the Bookish

Are you bookish? You are if you perpetually swear to read just one more chapter before bed but keep reading far into the night.

If you are bookish, here are some books for you and your family:

Buck                           Peony-assimilation in China.

Belfoure                     The Paris Architect-an unlikely hero by default.

Foer                           Here I am-a fracturing family in a moment of crisis.

Gundar-Goshen        Waking Lions- the unbridgeable gap between insiders and outsiders

Hoffman                    The Museum of Extraordinary Things-colorful characters and life in New York a century ago

Kaminsky                   Adolfo Kaminsky: a forger’s life- he kept his life saving work secret for decades.

Leff                             The Archive Thief (nonfiction)- the life and activities of a puzzling man

Levy                            I Dissent (JBIO)-Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Savit                           Anna and the Swallow Man (YA)- trust builds between two strangers who come to depend upon each other.

Stein                          The Six-day Hero (J)- there are many types of heroes

Wiviott                       Paper Hearts (YA)- the power of small acts of kindness


Of course, there are many more books for bookish people. Come in and browse.

Aileen Grossberg, Librarian

Librarian Hours: Wednesdays & Sundays from 9 am to 12 pm. The library is open daily.