Personal meaning is a hallmark of Judaism. The story of Abraham enshrined this aspect of our faith and belief system. Implicit in living a life of personal meaning is having the freedom to ask questions and to search for answers. Questioning and even challenging conventionally held views can be unpopular,  but it is a necessary ingredient in any free society.

Jewish learning is not confined to the Hebrew school years.  We view learning as an encounter that spans the time from nursery school to the adulthood.  It is our mission to provide the opportunity to experience Jewish learning, wrestle with its many facets, and engage in intelligent dialogue that will enable each one of us to discover personal meaning.

We are here to teach ourselves, and others, about defining the meaning of Judaism, stripped to its simplest elements and dressed in all its complexity. We are here to educate, to illuminate and to challenge, and, most importantly, to experience as one community what it means to be Jewish.