December 31, 2019

Building Security Fund

Category: Oheb Shalom Event

We know that security has been top of mind for all of us at Oheb and for the Jewish community at large. The safety and security of our congregation is a top priority, while still maintaining a welcoming environment, as is our Jewish custom and way of life.

There are many layers involved in enhancing security. Some of our actions will be visible to you and others will not. Many of these security enhancements come at a cost. As such, we have created a dedicated “Building Security Fund.”  Please consider a contribution to enhance our security at Oheb, as our operating budget does not have any incremental funds dedicated to security. Click here to donate. Remember to select "Building Security Fund" from the drop-down menu.

Thank you for being part of Oheb and together we will improve Oheb Shalom’s security.


Donate to Oheb Shalom's Building Security Fund

(just select "Building Security Fund" from the drop-down menu)