July 30, 2019

Half-Shekel Campaign

Category: Oheb Shalom Event

The Torah teaches that every person should give tzedakah and provide gifts for the building of the mishkan, the portable ark the Israelites carried through the desert. The symbol of that commitment was the contribution of a half-shekel, as part of bing counted in a census, of part of the community.

Today, we make gifts of time, treasure and talent as a way of building Oheb Shalom Congregation. Our Free Will Campaign is the annual fundraising effort that provides almost one-quarter of our annual budget. We want everyone at Oheb Shalom to be a part of the Free Will Campaign! That’s why we are establishing the Half-Shekel Campaign - an easy way to start your philanthropic journey at Oheb. We want 100% of our members to feel that they have made a contribution to the Free Will Campaign, because at Oheb Shalom, everyone counts!