March 25, 2018 @ 12:30pm

March Madness at Brewery

Category: Men's Club

Thanks to family ties from Oheb's own David Tenenbaum, theYonkers Brewing Company is rolling out the red carpet to us this Sunday to sample some beers, tour the brewing facility and hang out for the second weekend of March Madness. 

We'll be leaving from the Oheb parking lot at 12:30 pm, and we have a few volunteers already to drive our carpool to the brewery, which is about an hour away. We will be there for two or three hours, which is plenty of time to sample brews that range from the light ales all the way up to the monster 'Moral Turpitude' imperial stout that weighs in at 12% ABV. We can check out whatever limited releases are also available that day. 

Come join us for this fun outing, during which at least five minutes will be devoted to the 'March men's club meeting', which will likely be our first off-site meeting, and certainly our first one in a brewery. There will be no lox, but the brewery does have plenty of food options.

Please RSVP to David Tenenbaum at and let him know if you'd like to get a lift in the carpool, or if you plan to drive.